Why to Attend?

Iran is a fast growing country that has enormous capacities. According to McKensey report in year 2016 the advantages were:
1-Economical Variations
2-Scientific Educational
3- Rapid Growing Consumer Class
4- High rate of city dweller
5-Creating job culture
6-Practical Strategical inter frontier
In the domain of Science and Technology Iran has great potentials.  Over 4 million of University students, 2640 High Educational Centers, 42 Technology Parks, over 186 Incubators, 40 Accelerators and around 3500 Hi-tech Companies give the Iranian Technological background high potentials.
Iran is among the 10 highest scientific countries of the world e.g., is rated 4th in Nanotechnology in the world and among the 20 best in the Medical and Pharmacology, 13th in Biotechnology and number one in the region and 16th in the world.
 INOTEX Exhibition as the most important exhibition for Technology and Innovation in Iran, trying to show a complete picture of the subject and provides special opportunity for foreign countries for cooperation and partnership in the whole sense of the word:
    • INOTEX will provide you with new technologies & innovations!
    • INOTEX is the ideal place to acquire ideas and find answers to your technological problems;
    • you will see demonstration of new technologies and choose the best for your needs
    • Meet with individuals and enterprises in order to develop international networks
    • In order to reach new markets, INOTEX will provide you with potential partners and customers
    • Investors are available at INOTEX to deal with developing business and commercializing new ideas
    • You can meet investors and startups, and participate in pitches and festivals;
    • If you are a mature company, you can find Iranian partners and make use of
    • Iranian governmental business support and services, in the case of joint ventures

Where are we?

Address: Seraj complex, Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road, Tehran, Iran

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