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High tech companies in the course of their growth, need a variety of business services that vary according to the size of the company and its growth stage.

Usually the main focus of high tech companies and startups is on the research and development of the technical dimensions of their business. So for product marketing, market entry, organizational development, human resource management, financial and economic issues, and investment And so on, they require the use of service providers.

One of the main points of the exhibition is to assist technology companies and startups to identify companies active in providing management, commercial, and business services, and to establish a sustainable relationship between them. In this regard, while calling for the presence of companies offering commercialization services, a certain place for them is considered, and B2B meeting rooms to provide a link between them and other exhibitors provided.

These companies may offer a variety of services, including:

Legal and intellectual property services


Tax, accounting and insurance services

Financing and investment

Commercial and Customs Services

Technology Transfer and Management

Branding, marketing and sales services

If you are one of the companies that provide the above services professionally, at this year's fair you can enter into negotiations with about 400 startup companies and over 17000 specialized visitors.

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