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Venture capitals are actively searching for proper investing opportunities, therefore they have an active role in the events, accelerators, exhibitions and etc. On the other hand many inventors, startups, big tech companies and others are looking for investors to present them with ideas.

The interaction of the two aforementioned companies provide interesting opportunities. To facilitate the interactions, the secretary of the exhibition have created the investment café to increase the interactions between investors and startups helping them to have meetings.

Interesting opportunities arise for the investors in the exhibition. More than 150 startups, 100 tech firms and tens of inventors are ready to participate in an investing opportunity.

The co-investment trend is on the rise globally and placing meetings between the investors themselves will facilitate co-investments.

Investor can reap the following benefits by having a virtual booth:

  1. Having free online meetings with startups
  2. Find investment opportunities inside investment café

Investors can read our full registration guide from here.

Where are we?

Address: Pardis Technology Park, 20thkm of Damavand Road, Tehran I.R. Iran

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