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Many of us, for the first time, have heard the words "entrepreneurship" and "startup" in an event. Events are good portals for adding new people to the ecosystem of innovation and technology. How is an event organized? With the event organizer and team!

Usually event organizers do this voluntarily, and their concern is the development of a startup community; they spend their time and team and devote themselves to an event. The INOTEX exhibition each year provides a separate section for event organizers.

Event organizers have a lot of problems to fund the event, they need more support to introduce the event, and startup meetings do not provide an opportunity to know more about them. By attending the exhibition, they can attract sponsors for their event, find new customers and contacts, build their team, find new teams, become aware of other ecosystem opportunities and facilities, and, in general, hold their event stronger and well-organized in the future.

They are not supposed to hold events in INOTEX, they are scheduled to announce their event to the others, and this is a good opportunity.

Shake a leg! If you are an event organizer, INOTEX is your host and has taken good plans for you. In order to be present in this section, you need to register as a booth owner.

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