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Undoubtedly, accelerators are one of the main players in the launch space and the growth and development of innovation and technology in countries. Accelerators, although not much in life (the world's first accelerator was created in 2007), but their role has become more important than the growth centers and technology parks (which are more than 60 years old). Of course, one of the goals of the exhibition is to meet the accelerators that have provided the opportunity for growth for the startups.

In the country, accelerators have also started entrepreneurship since 2014 (7 years after the advent of the first accelerator), and now accelerators have been created around the country and many startups are being developed in them. Some of them also have successful outbound startups.

The previous course of the INOTEX exhibition has had a great experience in hosting accelerators, where most startups were looking to see and hear their conditions closely, negotiate with their startups, and decide which accelerator service to use.

20 accelerators attended the fair last years. This year's space of the exhibition is hosting a total of 30 accelerators.

The exhibition is also an opportunity for the accelerators to get together to discuss their common concerns and hear the solutions they are proposing. Also attending the exhibition is a special opportunity for accelerators to attract new ideas and partnerships with emerging startups.

Incubators have created a good platform for the growth of small and up-to-date technology companies, and by providing joint services to member firms, the costs are heavily reduced. These centers are trying to help companies navigate through the right path without mistakes, and provide advice and training to avoid potential mistakes.

They are interested in presenting the services they offer and the products that have gained prominence from companies. INOTEX, a specialized science and technology exhibition, has made it possible for incubators to introduce their services along with their native companies.

On the other hand, the emerging companies also consider the opportunity to compare the conditions of different incubators, and to closely familiarize with the services and terms of membership in these centers. So the exhibition will provide them with the opportunity.

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