For the first time in 2017, the exhibition was welcomed by inventors and owners of technical knowledge and innovators at the exhibition, and more than 40 of them presented in the exhibition in the form of two separate pavilions to provide their knowledge to the industry and the public.

In the year 2018, 42 inventors also displayed their inventions at the INOTEX exhibition, which, according to the Smart City theme on the INOTEX 2018, most of the products were in the smart city field.

Also in the year 2019, 12 inventors also displayed their inventions at the INOTEX exhibition.

This year, for the fourth year, the exhibition will host the inventors in whom investing will help improve people's lives and their living standards. The deployment of inventors and innovators at the exhibition will be in stand-up counters.

The advantages of the presence of inventors at the exhibition include:

1. The opportunity to negotiate business angels that are based in the exhibition and can facilitate initial growth stages by investing in inventors' innovations.

2. Opportunity to negotiate with investment companies and venture capital funds that are appropriate for attracting larger funds.

3. It is possible to book a B2B meeting with the industry and large companies present at the exhibition, which can be customers for their innovations and technical knowledge.

4. Possibility to attend the INOTEX Reverse Pitch Technology Market Event in order to observe the technology demand of large governmental and private organizations and negotiate their technology needs.

Always talking and negotiating with inventors is attractive for everyone. So if you come to the exhibition, be sure to visit the booths of inventors and the owners of technical knowledge in order to touch their latest achievements.

If you are an inventor, innovator and owner of technical knowledge and intend to attend the exhibition, sign up at the following link as exhibitors

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